Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lost on the airlines!

Oí família!

I LOVE Brazil! Really. So I was in the airport for the past 2 days
now. Sister Sciammarella and I decided that everything that could
possibly go wrong (short of tragedy) DID!!! Hahaha every one of our
flights was delayed. So we took a flight from Dallas to São Paulo and
we couldn´t land due to weather conditions so we were circling the
area for awhile when the pilot informs us we have run out of fuel.
Greeaaat. We flew up to Rio to get fuel- stayed for an hour or two and
then landed in São Paulo. At this point we have already missed our
flight from São Paulo to Recife. Anyways, when we finally arrive in
Recife we find out that the travel office didn´t tell our mission
president that we´d had a few setbacks- and they were worried sick. 7
hours after we were scheduled to arrive we meet up with our driver and
find out our whole mission had been calling around to find out if we
were even still alive. I felt terrible- but at the same time, it was
quite entertaining. The orignial plan was to arrive in Recife Tuesday
morning but we arrived late Tuesday night and of course, to add to it
all sem nossa malas. Ótimo. Yep, all of our luggage is missing. It´s
been real fun. ;)

So when I arrived in Oregon, it took like 2 weeks before we saw real
rain. Here, immediately stepping off the plane we are drenched because
its pouring! Ha-ha! I love it.

Its very warm here- but thankfully, its not the unbearable heat I
thought it´d be. I guess that comes later. I don´t even know how to
describe my apartment - so I´m just going to send pictures. My trainer
and I are white-washing this area (its called Possind) and Elders
lived in the apartment before us. Just know, all that junk was there
when we walked in the door. And yes, there IS a hammock hanging
outside- it's filthy so I make no promises to sleep in it.

Speaking of my trainer. She´s a native from Rio. She is so sweet and I am so excited because I think it will help me learn this language so quickly. She doesn´t
speak a lick of English. Its awesome! Her name is Sister Alves. I love
her already.

Então, my mission president and his wife are so nice. When we got to
the mission home last night we were starving and guess what they fed
us... drumroll please: YEP! Rice and beans! Haha gostoso.

OH, better news! We have a baptism coming up on the 30th. I haven´t
met her yet, but we are stopping by later today. In reality, I haven´t
met any of the ward members yet, so I don´t have much to say about the
area. Aside from planning, this is the first thing we have done here
so don´t worry, this letter is pretty boring, but next week´s will be

Happy late Father´s Day. My thought today has everything to do with
fathers. First of all, to all those of you who haven´t watched the
mormon message video Earthly Father, Heavenly Father, repent and go do
so now. I was thinking about that video and how amazing it is to have
an all-powerful being who wants nothing more than to be our Father. He
loves us, He wants us to succeed, to be happy, to be safe. Father´s
Day is tough on a mission, because I really miss my own Father, and
couldn´t do anything for him Sunday. But I then realized that there
was so much I could do for my Father in Heaven. I am convinced that
the best way to say happy fathers day is to serve one another. That
really is all our Father in Heaven wants us to do. I´m not a parent
yet- but I know how much relief it gives parents when their kids take
care of one another; when they are kind, loving, and supporting. When
they don´t fight, belittle, or criticise. I believe that is true of
our Heavenly Father too. And though it is no longer Father´s Day,
perhaps we can still remember this idea. To be a little kinder, a
little faster to say nice things and serve those arround us. This is
how we show Heavenly Father appreciation for all of the things He has
given us. Anyways, that´s my thought. Shoutout to my Dad- your the
best Dad in the world and I love you so much!

Anyways, thank you all so much for your continued support and prayers!
I hope you all have a wonderful week! Eu amo vocês!

Sister Seal

Fun story about the horse pictures I'm sending. I shocked myself on the
electric fence trying to get these pics for Skylar. So you better
appreciate them baby girl! :)

*** Some difficulty with the uploading the photos. McKenna said she will send them on p-day. Not sure yet when that will be.

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