Wednesday, July 31, 2013

7 Miracles Photos

17 Miracles

I know. I know. I say it every week... but it's true! This week was INSANE. Mind=blown. So we did companion exchanges, which was legal!! Sister Almeida and I taught 20 lessons in ONE DAY- in case you didn't know, our goal for the entire week is 25. Say what!? We had more than 50. It was awesome. Just lovin every minute of Brazil. 

Conner and Logan: I hope you guys had a wonderful birthday :) Conner... chill out- sure being 16 is great, but don't go breaking too many hearts, mmmkay deary? Love you guys!!

Ok. Batismos! Wahooo we had 2. Story time: Eduardo, meu filho. ( Ok, he isn't actually my son, but that's just how I feel about my investigators. We are so completely invested in the people here- it almost feels like he could be. Except that he´s 40. But whatever, it's fine. )

E. ``found us`` on the 4th of July. He called after us one day walking down the street. He told us that Elders had taught him all of the lessons a year ago, but that he wasn´t able to be baptized then... he had a lot of changes he needed to make in his life, principalmente that he needed to get married! O gente! Então, he then told us that since then he got married and made other adjustments because he missed the message the elders had to share and he wanted it to be a part of his life again. WOW. But the part that nearly brought me to tears was our return appointment. He was waiting for us on the street corner, with the Plan of Salvation pamphlet in hand. He told us he reads it regularly. Yeah, we know. It's a captivating message. But as the weeks came and went, we became discouraged. He promised time and time again he would quit drinking, after we set his baptismal date- and he just couldn't stop. We were devastated, but continued to work with him and brought him to church. The second sunday, we passed by to bring him again, but no one was home. We were so confused, and infelizmente went to church without him. Lo and behold! Guess who got himself to church ALL on his own! Eduardo! I am amazed that he was willing to give up so much because of a simple desire to follow Christ. But we know it wasn't really giving anything up, was it? Even better, HE knows that. Sister Alvews promised him in a lesson that one day he would be blessed for all the changes he would have to make. He looked at her for a moment and said, ``No... I ALREADY AM being blessed for making these changes.`` Then, after prayers and fasting, he made it. He quit drinking and on his baptism day, we passed by his house to walk with him to the church. Naturally, he was waiting outside, new clothes, combed hair. I cannot believe all of the changes I have seen in him. Even the little changes, like cutting the beard, and saying goodbye to the mustache- one we thought he would never part with. The baptism was amazing. And perhaps above all, it was sweet to see tears flowing down his face during the talks just before his baptism. 

However... Sunday there was a mix up. He was set to be confirmed in sacrament meeting. (Here, in this ward, sacrament is the last meeting) SO we brought him to church. He went to Priesthood and we went to Relief Society. During class changes, before sunday school, we were talking with another investigator when we saw E. walk out the door. We weren´t super concerned, because a member told us, ``Dont worry, he is on the phone``... but 5 minutes later, he is nowhere to be found! Naturally, we sent out a search and rescue squad. Two members for the Elders quorum drove to his house to see if he went home while Romualdo walked around the block. Nada. They all came back empty- handed and he wasn't in any of the classrooms in the building either. What went wrong? Was his drinking problem worse than we thought? Was it fear? So... guess where we didn't look. The chapel. Yep, there he was, sitting all by himself in the other ward´s sacrament meeting! Haha here we are thinking the worst, and he is just trying to be obedient. Hilarious.  Bless his heart. Next to nearly being bombed with fireworks, that was the closest I´ve come to a heart attack. 

Also.... baptism number 2. Guess who! RITA! Mas... I don't have any photos because I couldn't go to the baptism. But I heard it was beautiful, as I'm sure it was. Yep, I couldn't go because I had meetings all day yesterday. Why, you ask? You won't believe this one.  No one saw this coming. I´m training!!! WHAT? Yeah, I didn't even finish MY training... and now... I'm a trainer. Awesome. Scared out of my mind. My companion is Sister Bassi, thank heavens she is Brazilian- from São Paulo- because now at least one of us speaks Portuguese. She is super sweet! I love her! But get this: in our apartment, Sister Alves and I were living alone, but 2 more sisters moved in today. Our area is going to be divided. Que Bênção porque nossa área é grande demais! So yep! Now I have to get the 4 of us around Prossind. Am I ready for this? Doubt it. Absolutely nuts. But it gets better. Just guess who the new sisters are. SISTER SCIAMMARELLA and her companion. Não acredito. Its like we were destined to be best friends or something because we keep ending up together! Hahaha basically companions for the whole mission. Hilarious. 

Last night we had a dinner at President´s with all the trainers and trainees. It was great. The coolest part was the testimony meeting. It was so surreal to see all of the missionaries- fresh out of the MTC testifying boldly with so much fire and energy, with such a pure desire to serve... just to be here. It was amazing. It reminded me of the fire I left the MTC with, and why I am here today. I am so grateful. Really, serving a mission is the greatest blessing in the entire world. I don't know why God keeps blessing us with so many miracles here, but he does, and frankly, I can't complain. All I want to do is work harder and watch it all unfold. LOVE IT HERE.

Anyways, that's pretty long, eh? I love you guys so much. You mean everything to me. I hope this letter finds each of you in good health and happiness. Have a wonderful week. Tchau! Até mais. Beijos.

Com muito amor, 
Sister Seal

Monday, July 22, 2013

Photos this week

Emmanuelle's beautiful baby.
Getting a tan quickly.

Funny Week

Hello beautiful people! What a wonderful week it has been- as I hope
to hear was the case for each and every one of you! :)

First of all, to my crazy brothers: How was trek??? I want to hear all
about it. Note to Mom- this also happens to be me begging for pics?

Speaking of brothers. Special shout out to Logan: Dear, sweet,
wonderful, handsome, marvelous brother of mine, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Ok. I
cant resist. Here is my song for you. And its not every day that
someone is going to serendade you, so you better appreciate it, mmkay?

Parabems pra você,
Nessa data querida..
Muitas felicidades,
Muitos anos de vida!

And for Conner! Wow! One week from today and you are 16. Got your
first 25 dates all lined up yet? Betcha Dad has been helping you with
that, eh? Hahaha

So, news. Next week is transfers. Holla! But... transfers are
Wednesday, and for whatever reason, we won't have P-day next Monday.
So, I wont be emailing next week. Desculpa! But, no worries, I will
email in 2 weeks. Ok?

Alrighty. Hurry, quick! Did anyone check to see Mom´s face??? Hahaha
Mom, I'm just kidding. Yes, next week is transfers, but p-day is
Wednesday too- so I will be emailing Wed., not Mon.- just a heads up.

Funny week. We were teaching a lesson to an investigator, and de repente, his daughter
comes out. We say hello and then she goes OFF about how she doesn't
believe our religion is even a religion at all. That we should leave
the church, and leave our missions- just go home because we don't
practice what we preach, apparently. I don't know. She has a lot of
personality, sabe? But....I think it was all because she was drinking.
Then, like 15 minutes later- complete and total transformation. We
tried to calm her down, and it worked. Patience actually works. Go
figure. So at this point, she actually likes us again. Que bênção,
neh? So she calls out her son to come and meet us and then tells me,
``My son wants to marry you.`` Honestly, I tried my best to pretend
like I didn't understand, but man, she is a fighter. Tudo bem. She
invited us to come back that night for a BBQ. And when we showed up,
she introduced us as follows: This is Sister Alves, and this is Minha
Nora Futura. Nora means daughter-in-law. Gosh. Acredito nãoHahaha.

No, but na verdade, this week was GREAT. The young women/ young men
have been doing this activity/ event for the past week called
``jogos``. Its basically the olympics- only it mostly revolves around
soccer. Shocker. The opening ceremony was òtimo! Every ´country´ (aka
different wards in the area) did a dance with respect to whatever
country they were representing. Spain´s was beautiful. Fans, red
dresses... totally jealous. I admit it! I almost jumped in to join
them. Then get this! India. What song do you think they played? No
time for guessing games, but I kid you not! (Sorry, only my family
will appreciate this one) It is the same song that we used for the
state jr. miss pageant in the fitness routine. Hahaha - that sure
brought back memories. Some of the moves were similar too. Hilarious.
But... admitedly, my favorite was the USA. They did break-dancing. Oh
my goodness. My weakness. All I need is breakdancing and a Timbaland
or Flo Rida hit from the radio and I all but forget I'm a missionary.
Ok. Relax. I'm kidding. Really. I'm joking. But really, it was sick. It
was so fun to watch all the youth from our ward. We were there
supporting Rita (Emerson´s daughter that was supposed to be baptized
Saturday) No..I´m not forgetting that important detail. Some things
went wrong, and basically, it didn't work out this week. Tudo bem, she
was still at church yesterday and we are working with her to see when
she wants to be baptized now. Igualmente, temos outros pesquisadores
também que estão progredindo. We also, received a lot of references,
which is so great! This coming week is going to be WONDERFUL.

Ok. I read a really cool story this week, called The Interview: A man
passed away, was ressurrected, and was waiting to be interviewed.
Another man was ahead of him in line. The door opened and the first
man entered, and the door closed. The man outside could hear the
conversation on the other side of the door. The interviewer began, ``I
would like you to tell me what you think of Jesus Christ.``

``Well, He was born of a virgin in Bethlehem. He lived 33 years or so,
spending the last 3 in His ministry organizing His church, choosing
His apostles to direct it, giving the Gospel to direct our lives.``
The interviewer stopped him and said, ``Yes, that is all true, but I
want you to tell me what YOU think of Jesus Christ.``

``Well, He was tortured and crucified that we might have eternal life.
3 days later He was ressurrected that we might return to our Heavenly

``Yes, that is true, but tell me what YOU think of Jesus Christ.`` The
man paused, a little perplexed now and then continued, ``Well, He
restored the gospel to the earth through Joseph Smith. He reorganized
His church, gave us temples where in we might do work to redeem our
dead. He gave us family prayer and family home evening where we might
reunite with our families. He gave us the Priesthood to heal the sick
and perform ordinances for our salvation and exaltation.`` The
interviewer again stopped him and said,``Thank you. All of what you
have said to me is true.``

The man was then invited to leave the room. After he left, the second
man entered. As he approached the interviewer, his eyes opened wide.
He fell upon his knees and cried, ``My Lord, my God.``

Wow. What a story. I love the message, clearly emphasizing the idea
that we can learn all we want to about Christ. We can know every
detail of His life (assuming that were possible, which it is not)...
but do we really KNOW Him? Knowing His life or what He did while He
was here doesn´t actually mean we really know Him, or His character.
And though this man was evidently Christian, was he really a true
follower of Christ? We aren't disciples of Jesus Christ merely by
reading scriptures that account His birth, life, or death. We aren't
disciples of Jesus Christ through any memorization of principle,
timeline, or doctrine. True disciples of Christ are those who really
know Him: Our Lord and Savior. We become true disciples through living
our lives in a way that will lead us to recognize Him the day He comes
again. It isn´t through study alone- it's through action, service, and
love. I believe it can make all the difference in life when we realize
it means little to know OF Him. But, it means everything to know HIM.

I am so grateful, every single day, to serve a mission. First and
foremost, the greatest blessing of serving a mission is coming to know
my Savior. He is everything to me and I testify that He lives.

Love you all. Again, have a wonderful week, will ya? You deserve it.

Sister Seal

Monday, July 15, 2013

Miracle Week

Hello everybody!

This week was a week of MIRACLES. Really- I dont know why we had so
many blessings, but we did, and I can´t complain. :)

Last Monday we watched The Other Side of Heaven. It was pretty good.
And of course, I have a quote for you (from the movie). But really,
guys, what did you expect. Haha. OK. It goes something like this:
``Sometimes God calms the storm. Sometimes God calms the Sailor. And
sometimes He just lets us swim.`` LOVE this. Its so true. I especially
love the idea of ``calming the sailor``. Most of the time, our
problems aren´t going to leave us, perhaps because we haven´t learned
the lesson we need to learn yet, or perhaps because we need to learn
to be patient. I don't really know. But I DO know that God offers real
peace. He speaks to everyone in different ways. I don´t actually
understand the whole `burning in the bosom´ thing. That isn´t how God
speaks to me. He speaks to me in times when I feel like giving up and
calms every fear and heartache, in a way that almost allows me to
forget the problem is still there. It is amazing to me.

So you remember Rita ? (Emerson´s daughter. Emerson is the member is
who always gives us referrals and rides and answers all of the
questions in sunday school. He is ALSO the member who has a goal for
his daughter- who isn't a member- to serve a mission someday). We went
to Emerson´s house Tues. night to teach another reference- because he
ALWAYS has a reference. Anyways, before Aila (the reference) showed
up, we were talking to Rita. She declined our invitation to come to
church and to start taking the lessons, unfortunately. But! After
dinner with her family, we taught Lesson 1, The Restoration to
Aila and Rita, with Emerson and Gilvania there too. Rita answered
nearly all of the questions. We were shocked- she knows SO much.
Anyways, at the end of the lesson, we invited Aila and Rita to come to
church Sunday and they both accepted. Then, on Thursday, we went back
to teach Rita again. We taught her Lesson 3, especially focusing on
baptism. After the lesson, she accepted a date to be baptized.
SATURDAY!!! We are shocked. Seriously, at the beginning of the week,
she wanted nothing to do with the church and now she is going to be
baptized Saturday. So crazy. What a miracle. Looks like Emerson might
just get his wish after all? Who knows but we are so so so grateful.
What I really like about this story is that it shows maybe someone
isn't ready for the gospel today. But, that doesn't mean that they won't
be tomorrow, or maybe next week, month or year. God works on each of
us in different ways- so don't give up on your friends who may have
already rejected you. But, even more importantly, don´t ever give up
on your family. This idea gave me a lot of hope this week. One day,
they will come back.

Also, thank you everyone for your prayers this week because I am
convinced they were answered! We had 5 investigators at church! It was
awesome. This week was just great. Yes, we met our new Mission
President- Nogueira. He and his wife seem nice. I am excited to get to
know them better in the next year.

3 awesome scriptures this week: Proverbs 24:10: ``If thou faint in the
day of adversity, thy strength is small.`` This verse really caught my
attention. The week before last was pretty difficult, but instead of
giving up, I was reminded that I just need to try harder everyday, and
I think that may have been part of why this week was amazing - we
worked harder! And that's just it- it's the secret to missionary work,
and likewise, every aspect of life. If you are discouraged or you are
facing adversity - work harder. I´ll bet you like that idea, don´t ya,
Dad? :)

Jeremiah 29:13 ``And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall
search for me with all your heart.`` I really like this verse too. I
really, truly believe that Christ is waiting for us to seek Him, and
He can and will then become a part of every aspect of our lives.

Ephesians 4:32,``And be ye kind one to another, tender hearted,
forgiving one another, even as God for Christ´s sake hath forgiven
you.`` Wow. I almost don't want to comment, that's just how crazy-
awesome this verse is. This verse helped me a lot this week to be
more patient, and helped me remember how often God has to forgive me
for everything I do wrong. It's humbling, neh? (*Neh- everyone here in
Brazil says that. I´m pretty sure that is not how you spell it, but
it's how it sounds. It's pretty funny.)

Well, that's about it. We have great investigators. Tonight we are
going to talk to the parents of two kids, an 11-year-old boy and a
14-year-old girl who both want to be baptized, but their parents don't
support that idea. Wish me luck, por favor, but honestly, please just
PRAY. Thanks in advance ;)

Well, family- have fun on Trek. I am very jealous! And everyone else-
have a wonderful day, will ya? You deserve it. :)

Love you all!
Sister Seal

Monday, July 8, 2013

Puddles Everywhere & Thank You PORTLAND!

Hello everybody!!

So you know in the movies, when its raining, huge puddles everywhere,
and a bus passes by a little too quickly, completely drenching the
silly girl who was walking a little too close to the road...Guess
what! This ACTUALLY happens. And another thing, it's not fun. But hey!
Don't take my word for it- try it sometime! ;)

This week was pretty good- but also a little slow. We had a lot of
good lessons and picked up some great investigators. But,
unfortunately, we only had one investigator at church- Emanuele and
her 2 adorable kids. Want to hear the excuse of the week? For 8/10
investigators that promised to be at sacrament meeting, it went down
something like this: 1) We clap at the door 2) Family answers the
door  3) we ask for _____ and 4) family member says ``they're
sleeping``.... wait, like what? Bummer! Ha - I figure if I have to be up
at 6:30 every morning, my investigators should definitely be up by
8:30 for church on Sunday mornings, right? Haha oh well, next week
will be better! And I still love them all anyway. It's hard to not love

Tomorrow is going to be great! We are meeting our new Mission
President which will be awesome! And my companion and I are eating at
a pizza buffet. No Dominos in town, but a pizza buffet sounds pretty
good to me!

This week should be good too- we have a lot of investigators that we
are preparing to be baptized this month. The only problem for most of
them is that they need to come to church first. But we are excited,
and our investigators are awesome!

Now I am going to answer some of the questions I got this week: Yes,
the cat is gone! Wahooo! The glass on the back door is fixed.

Language is coming along. I understand more and more each
day- but it is still really hard. Funny story: I was reading a
scripture at a lesson Saturday night and a little boy, Paulo asked me
if I am Italian. Apparently sometimes I have an italian accent? Don't
know how I managed that since I've never spoken a word of Italian in my
life! Haha and yes, ALL THE TIME, people ask me if Spanish is my
native language. Ha - Katie will like this- a lot of people here (before
they hear me speak, I'm sure) think I'm Brazilian- just from the south
because I am so pale.

Food is AMAZING. You would think rice and beans every day would get
old- but it doesn't! Everyone makes it a little differently here, and
every day it just gets better and better! My only complaint is still:
No peanut butter. But, I will live. I still have a jar left, I guess.
Hahaha! Walking all day is really good! We need it because the members
make us eat so much!

Our apartment.... we do our best to clean it - but spiders, mosquitos,
and now cockroaches are inevitable, I'm afraid. Haha it's fine- I'm over
it. But I guess the question was probably in regards to the damage
done by the elders before us. Yes, we have it under control now! Haha
I didn't realize just how good I had it in Oregon!

Speaking of Oregon - I miss the members and investigators there all the
time. I love them, and I always will. They were and forever will be
special to me - and I will never forget them. I know WITHOUT any doubt
whatsoever that I was supposed to go to Oregon, and I am grateful
everyday for the time I was blessed with there, and for the amazing
people I met. I really believe Oregon was just as much MY mission as
Brazil - even if I didn't see it that way in the beginning, that is the
ONLY way I see it now. I still pray for the people I know and love
there, and hope to one day see them again.

Cool scripture I found in PS yesterday: Isaiah 35:3-4, ``Strengthen ye
the weak hands, and confirm the feeble knees. Say to them that are of
a fearful heart, Be strong, fear not: behold your God will come with
vengeance, even God with a recompence; he will come and save you.``
Shout out to my beautiful mother: I know you won't want any
recognition, Mom. But, this scripture reminds me of you and the
missionary opportunity you had this week. I am SO proud of you and I
love you. Thanks for being a great example and missionary. Anyways,
back to the verse, I really love it! It is amazing to think we have a
Savior, Jesus Christ. We don't have to wonder whether He will come
again, whether hw will take away all the heartache in the world by
undoing all the wrong. We dont have to wonder whether He will save us.
He already has, and He will!

Here in Brazil, of course the people we find are different - unique.
They come from different backgrounds, families, homes, and
experiences. But a lot of them have something in common: they want to
be happy. They want peace, but they don't know how to find it. All the
investigators we teach come from 1) referrals and 2) street
contacting- people sitting on a curb outside their house- waiting for
something..looking for something. For what? Who knows! I don't even
think THEY know... but I know. They want something better, more
meaningful, change! Perhaps they want peace or hope or something
actually worth living for. Maybe they want to be inspired or loved?
The Gospel is all of that. It offers meaning, it offers a chance to
have a quality life. 

So what is a quality life? M. Russell Ballard
describes as follows, ``The quality of our lives. It's an interesting
phrase. I suspect most people think of this concept in terms of the
comforts and conveniences they enjoy. But I prefer to think that the
quality of our lives has more to do with substance than style. A
quality life is one that positively influences others and makes the
world around it a better place to live. A quality life is one that is
constantly growing, expanding its horizons and enlarging its borders.
A quality life is one that is filled with love and loyalty, patience
and perseverance, kindness and compassion. A quality life is one that
is based on eternal potential and not confined to this life only. A
quality life is a life well-lived.`` So.. how do we get one? Simply:
Through the gospel, through Jesus Christ. That's why the message we
have to share with the world is SO cool. Because nothing else in the
world is ever going to bring that kind of happiness. We are so blessed
to have perspective in our lives. And not just perspective, but
ETERNAL perspective.

Anyways, that is my thought this week. And I really hope this week was
a great one for each and every one of you! I hope you had a fantastic
4th of July (and that there were no fires in Alpine this year... ha). 

I love you and pray that God may bless you with every blessing you stand
in need of. Have a wonderful day! Smile! 

Astonish somebody with kindness, eh?

Sister Seal

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

MONTH wait for mail

** Editor's Note

I thought I should probably let everyone know that McKenna will only be receiving her mail once a month when they visit the mission office. So if you do not hear back from her right away, she's not ignoring you. I know she really appreciates the letters - so please continue to write, just expect a delay. And, do not send anything perishable!

Photos for Miracles Week

Speaking of Miracles

Happy 4th of July (in two days)! 

I was feeling a little down last week
when I realized that I wouldnt be able to watch the fireworks this
year... but with all of the soccer games here, fireworks are
EVERYWHERE- every time Brazil scores! Haha! The other night, we were
out doing street contacting and a crazy little boy chucked a firework
at me! I wish you could have seen it! I screamed like a little girl,
running in the other direction. Luckily, it didn't go off, but it's safe
to say all previous sentimental/ nostalgic feelings about fireworks
are gone. 

Other news: we have a new Mission President now- but I haven't met him yet.

Also, I officially have sick Chaco tan lines!  

And great news -an investigator I was
teaching in Oregon finally set a baptismal date- next month.

Speaking of baptisms,... yep! Saturday Gilvania was baptied. It was
ótimo! Hopefully I can get these pcs to upload, but the cool part is
that her husband (who was less-active before) is now the world´s best
member missionary! He gives us referrals and told us that he has a
goal to share the gospel with 10 friends every month, all the while
passing out Books of Mormon. He is great. Yesterday we ate at their
house for lunch and we saw a posted list of goals- one of them being
for his 16-year-old daughter to serve a mission one day. She doesn't
want to be baptized yet, but we are working with her.

Second miracle: we were leaving an appointment, and while walking down
the street, a 22 year old girl calls after us to wait. We turn back
and she asks us what she would need to do for us to teach her too.
Wait, like what??? This only happens in movies or general conference
talks. WE WERE STOKED. So, of course, now we are teaching her. She has
2 kids and isnt married, and when we prayed with her the first time,
she cried through the whole thing. She told us she feels so alone in
the world and she really wants to be taught the gospel. She
is awesome.

SO.. I really cant decide if drivers here are the worlds worst or best.
They are insane, absolutely unpredicatble and terrifying, but they are
SO good at what they do. They are so awful that they are actually
probably amazing. It's so weird- but man am i glad this is a walking

Shout out to my Dad: You've been trying to get me to like tomatoes my
whole life- to no avail. But guess what! No... I'm not there yet, but
it's coming! Cuz gosh-darn-it that's all they eat here!!! Haha - You´d be
proud. I actually eat them. :)

Funny story of the week! My companion and I were discussing plans on a
street corner when a young man and his father approach us with the
22-year-old boy asking, "You're Mormons, aren't you!? Of course, we at
this point are already pulling out planners, pen in hand, ready to get
an investigator out of this. (Haha don't get your hopes up with this
story- it's pure entertainment- no good news.) So | shake his hand, and
ask his name. He responds, and then says, "You are BEAUTIFUL." I didn't
actually know what to do, so i just starting talking to his dad - who
told us to come and teach them right at that moment. So we followed
them to their house and before we could start the lesson, the boy
asked me if I would marry him. No joke. He was being dead serious. He
asked 4-5 times that night. I told him, repeatedly that I AM A
MISSIONARY. And he said, of course, but you will come home eventually.
I said, Yes, but not for more than a year! And he said that it didn't
matter- that he would wait. Yep, my companion and I figured he isn't
altogether ´with it´ in the head... but it still makes for a funny
story all the same. 

So this is so short because I only have a 1/2 hour because we spent
way too much time at the beach. OH YEAH! We went to the beach and I
LOVED it - I may buy a house here. It is beautiful.
I will try to send pics- but these computers are SUPER slow.

Anways, have a wonderful week- can you believe it's July? Nuts! But I
heard a wicked-awesome quote this week that I'm sure was meant for
missionaries in particular - but neverthless applies to everyone. "Don't
count time. Make time count." That is my message this week! Also check
out Psalms 118:24. (i think that's it) It says, today is the gift we
have been given. Tomorrow isn't here yet, and yesterday is long gone.
But we have today- a gift that was carefully prepared for YOU. God
planned every hour of your day, it was designed for your benefit- your
learning and growth! So let's go out and make something of today, yeah?

Love you all! 

Brother and Sister Wilkinson: My prayers are with you. 

love you guys so much!

Tchau everybody! Have a wonderful week!!

Sister Seal