Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Merry Almost Christmas

Woa. Crazy. I almost forgot to write this email. Yikes.... hahaha.


And in case you were wondering, no it still isnt snowing here- so I still don't believe it- but, I am willing to accept it anyway- because it means the season of miracles and we are DEFINITELY seeing miracles here. 

Ha. So... Katie´s VISA situation. NUTS. And I thought I had problems getting here. Good luck Kate. I also have a feeling that Katie´s area is a lot hotter than mine, because, sure it feels like summer here- but it really still isn't too bad. HOT. Never gonna have snow... but it really isn't as hot as everyone says it would be, or that it will be. Don't get me wrong- its frying my hair and i have a lot of new freckles- but I´d still say Arizona is more of an oven that João Pessoa. #countingmyblessings.

Ok. So we had 2 baptisms this week- Matheus and his Uncle, Severino. It was really cool working with them this week. Yes, they too are thanks to Jaqueline- it was actually a street contact we did one day when she was with us- and SHE was the one who stopped Matheus on the road. Hahaha So- there is the picture.

This week was our mission christmas conference. SO FUN. Loved it. They watched Singles Ward 2.... not sure that was the best idea because the movie is about marriage, but whatever, didn't watch it anyway. So great to catch up with all my buddies- including: Sciammarella, Bassi, some other kids from previous districts, etc. Wish we all met up as a mission more often!!!  Anyways, I sent a ton of pics of the conference- not super exciting- no huge group pictures or anything, but they are seriously some of my favorite people in the world. LOVE them.

Mom and Dad- Happy Anniversary Saturday!! 

Next week I don't think I will be writing on Monday because p-day was moved to Wednesday so we have Christmas day off- but I will be skyping, so NO complaints. Cant wait to talk to you guys! love you! 

The work is going great here- it just keeps getting better and better. No better time to be a missionary than at christmas time- to share the news of not only His birth, but also the news that He lives today, and that He will come again. As the angels declared long ago, ``He is coming``. We can be angels too... we can declare glad tidings of great joy. Share the gospel. Be someone´s angel. 

Love you guys! Merry Christmas! HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone!

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