Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Hey family!
Wow. What a ride. I'm tired. Really tired. Ha but that's good I guess because it means they are working me hard, right?

In our transfer meeting we sang hymn 270- I'll go where you want me to go. This was a powerful witness to me that I'm here for a reason, but more importantly, and I need to submit to God's will- I'm doing His work, and I need to be willing to serve not only HOW He wants me to, but WHERE He wants me to. This is becoming one of my favorite hymns.
Well! I want to mention a talk I liked in Mission Conference by Sister Hacking. She talked about being kind to people, and trying harder to forget their weaknesses and see their strengths. Here are some points she made:
"Don't take offense- its crippling"

"When we say something bad about others, it demeans us."

"Don't say negative things about other people, because if you do, you are judging them unrighteously."

Remember that Heavenly Father, our ultimate judge would never say anything negative about any of us. And if we all had a perfect understanding and love for one another, we wouldn't say those things either. Ha! One thing I thought of was that I really don't have time to judge others, because I have a lot of work to do with myself! All of my flaws should be keeping me busy- and I have enough that I really don't have time to waste noticing everyone else's. Also, be patient with others if you want them to be patient with you. As Hacking said, "Pray for those you are tempted to belittle or tease."
Ok. P-day is Monday now (it was just Tuesday this week because of transfers yesterday) FYI. Now, for my investigators: I haven't met any of them yet. But, we are teaching two of them tonight. But, I did have my first lesson yesterday with a family that was recently baptized. It was really cool- they are all so sweet. We talked about eternal families and how to help them prepare to be sealed in a little less than a year. I loved it! And yes, I admit it, I really like teaching in English. But don't worry- I love teaching in Portuguese too.
My companions are Sister Omer and Sister Smith. This is Sister Omer's last transfer, and Sister Smith has been in the field for 6 weeks (so she and I will go home around the same time). Sister Omer is from Kaysville and Sister Smith is from California (around Anaheim). They are awesome! We get along really well. They are great missionaries and take obedience seriously. Obedience is the first thing I look for in my companions here in the mission field, so I feel really lucky.

So one lesson we had yesterday: My companions told me we were checking up on Brenda, one of the ladies in our ward. They told me she was struggling so we were going to leave a message with her. So we show up, and she is wearing some pretty sketchy clothing for a member - spaghetti straps- you get the picture. My companion is talking to her. She asks how she is doing, and Brenda really is just acting apathetic- we can't get to her at all. Then my companion, randomly asks, "Why are you dressed like this today, Brenda?" It was so blunt- I almost gasped. And Brenda says, "Well, I just don't see why it is important anymore..." she talks about how she hasn't been in the temple in awhile and she can't remember why it was ever important, really. She says, "Its not that important, is it?" And my companion raises her voice, and says, "Actually, its very important." Brenda just shrugs her shoulers and starts talking to me because she has decided to ignore my companion- because she doesn't like what she is saying anymore. Then, Brenda's daughter starts crying! She says, "Mom, I don't like it when you act like this." At this time I am MORTIFIED. I don't know what to say. What is going on?! It was a train wreck. I was looking for inspiration and did not feel a prompting for what to say. And then, come to find out: I. Got. Pranked. Yep, folks, and who was I to say sister missionaries didn't pull pranks. I was wrong. Ha. Wish I were a better story teller- but moral of the story: Being a "greenie" is not fun. hahaha...
I also met two of the ward members, and they are amazing. We have a really great ward here! I can't wait to meet the rest of them so I can tell you about them next week.
Other than that, surprise, it is so warm here. I thought I was in Portland. Oregon. Apparently not, because from how it looks outside today- I don't know if its ever going to rain. As much as I'm looking forward to the rain, I really do appreciate this great weather! It is so beautiful here.
Okay so there are like 4 missionaries here that I've seen that went to Lone Peak. Hilarious. And... I saw Jorie Eldredge! That was AWESOME!
Well, I just finished the Book of Mormon yesterday- our Branch President in the MTC wanted us to finish it in the MTC and I did. It was amazing. I love the Book of Mormon, and I know it is true! I am so excited to be here, sharing that book with those I meet.
I said in my farewell talk that I wanted to share my testimony with the whole world. I meant it. I want to share it in Brazil, but I am also thrilled to be here in Oregon right now, sharing my source of peace, hope, and joy. I love this gospel. I know it is founded on true principles that are in place to make us happy- forever. Isn't that amazing? It truly is amazing to have an All-powerful being who cares for us so much, and whose every action is for our benefit and joy. I love my Father in Heaven, and I am so happy to be here on a mission, trying to help my brothers and sisters come closer to Him, and to our wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ.
My scripture this week is D&C 3:8. "Yet you should have been faithful; and he would have extended his arm and supported you against all the fiery darts of the adversary and he would have been with you in every time of trouble." Think about that for a minute, please. Faith is everything. It is a blessing in itself, but it is also something that motivates you to act- thus receiving MORE blessings. I know that Jesus never moves from us- we, rather, turn from Him. He is always at our side, with outstretched hands, and He is waiting for us to take His hand that He may lead us and guide us home. His promise in this verse is that He will, as we remain faithful, support us in 'ALL THE FIERY DARTS OF THE ADVERSARY', standing with us in 'EVERY TIME OF TROUBLE'. He's always there. May we always be there also. Turn to Him- and if you are struggling, may I plead with you that you stop trying to do this all on your own. He loves you. God loves you. You are so important to Him. Never forget that.
Thanks for your prayers and letters- they always mean so much. Have a wonderful week! Speaking of which, the new address to write to me is:

Sister McKenna Seal
Portland Oregon Mission
1400 NW Compton Drive suite #250
Beaverton, OR 97006

If you are sending a package (wow!) but it needs to be mailed priority mail because that service allows the mission office to forward the package to me for free. Otherwise the package will sit in the mission office until I am back there again.

Well, I love you all so much. 
Sister Seal

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