Monday, July 15, 2013

Miracle Week

Hello everybody!

This week was a week of MIRACLES. Really- I dont know why we had so
many blessings, but we did, and I can´t complain. :)

Last Monday we watched The Other Side of Heaven. It was pretty good.
And of course, I have a quote for you (from the movie). But really,
guys, what did you expect. Haha. OK. It goes something like this:
``Sometimes God calms the storm. Sometimes God calms the Sailor. And
sometimes He just lets us swim.`` LOVE this. Its so true. I especially
love the idea of ``calming the sailor``. Most of the time, our
problems aren´t going to leave us, perhaps because we haven´t learned
the lesson we need to learn yet, or perhaps because we need to learn
to be patient. I don't really know. But I DO know that God offers real
peace. He speaks to everyone in different ways. I don´t actually
understand the whole `burning in the bosom´ thing. That isn´t how God
speaks to me. He speaks to me in times when I feel like giving up and
calms every fear and heartache, in a way that almost allows me to
forget the problem is still there. It is amazing to me.

So you remember Rita ? (Emerson´s daughter. Emerson is the member is
who always gives us referrals and rides and answers all of the
questions in sunday school. He is ALSO the member who has a goal for
his daughter- who isn't a member- to serve a mission someday). We went
to Emerson´s house Tues. night to teach another reference- because he
ALWAYS has a reference. Anyways, before Aila (the reference) showed
up, we were talking to Rita. She declined our invitation to come to
church and to start taking the lessons, unfortunately. But! After
dinner with her family, we taught Lesson 1, The Restoration to
Aila and Rita, with Emerson and Gilvania there too. Rita answered
nearly all of the questions. We were shocked- she knows SO much.
Anyways, at the end of the lesson, we invited Aila and Rita to come to
church Sunday and they both accepted. Then, on Thursday, we went back
to teach Rita again. We taught her Lesson 3, especially focusing on
baptism. After the lesson, she accepted a date to be baptized.
SATURDAY!!! We are shocked. Seriously, at the beginning of the week,
she wanted nothing to do with the church and now she is going to be
baptized Saturday. So crazy. What a miracle. Looks like Emerson might
just get his wish after all? Who knows but we are so so so grateful.
What I really like about this story is that it shows maybe someone
isn't ready for the gospel today. But, that doesn't mean that they won't
be tomorrow, or maybe next week, month or year. God works on each of
us in different ways- so don't give up on your friends who may have
already rejected you. But, even more importantly, don´t ever give up
on your family. This idea gave me a lot of hope this week. One day,
they will come back.

Also, thank you everyone for your prayers this week because I am
convinced they were answered! We had 5 investigators at church! It was
awesome. This week was just great. Yes, we met our new Mission
President- Nogueira. He and his wife seem nice. I am excited to get to
know them better in the next year.

3 awesome scriptures this week: Proverbs 24:10: ``If thou faint in the
day of adversity, thy strength is small.`` This verse really caught my
attention. The week before last was pretty difficult, but instead of
giving up, I was reminded that I just need to try harder everyday, and
I think that may have been part of why this week was amazing - we
worked harder! And that's just it- it's the secret to missionary work,
and likewise, every aspect of life. If you are discouraged or you are
facing adversity - work harder. I´ll bet you like that idea, don´t ya,
Dad? :)

Jeremiah 29:13 ``And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall
search for me with all your heart.`` I really like this verse too. I
really, truly believe that Christ is waiting for us to seek Him, and
He can and will then become a part of every aspect of our lives.

Ephesians 4:32,``And be ye kind one to another, tender hearted,
forgiving one another, even as God for Christ´s sake hath forgiven
you.`` Wow. I almost don't want to comment, that's just how crazy-
awesome this verse is. This verse helped me a lot this week to be
more patient, and helped me remember how often God has to forgive me
for everything I do wrong. It's humbling, neh? (*Neh- everyone here in
Brazil says that. I´m pretty sure that is not how you spell it, but
it's how it sounds. It's pretty funny.)

Well, that's about it. We have great investigators. Tonight we are
going to talk to the parents of two kids, an 11-year-old boy and a
14-year-old girl who both want to be baptized, but their parents don't
support that idea. Wish me luck, por favor, but honestly, please just
PRAY. Thanks in advance ;)

Well, family- have fun on Trek. I am very jealous! And everyone else-
have a wonderful day, will ya? You deserve it. :)

Love you all!
Sister Seal

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