Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Speaking of Miracles

Happy 4th of July (in two days)! 

I was feeling a little down last week
when I realized that I wouldnt be able to watch the fireworks this
year... but with all of the soccer games here, fireworks are
EVERYWHERE- every time Brazil scores! Haha! The other night, we were
out doing street contacting and a crazy little boy chucked a firework
at me! I wish you could have seen it! I screamed like a little girl,
running in the other direction. Luckily, it didn't go off, but it's safe
to say all previous sentimental/ nostalgic feelings about fireworks
are gone. 

Other news: we have a new Mission President now- but I haven't met him yet.

Also, I officially have sick Chaco tan lines!  

And great news -an investigator I was
teaching in Oregon finally set a baptismal date- next month.

Speaking of baptisms,... yep! Saturday Gilvania was baptied. It was
ótimo! Hopefully I can get these pcs to upload, but the cool part is
that her husband (who was less-active before) is now the world´s best
member missionary! He gives us referrals and told us that he has a
goal to share the gospel with 10 friends every month, all the while
passing out Books of Mormon. He is great. Yesterday we ate at their
house for lunch and we saw a posted list of goals- one of them being
for his 16-year-old daughter to serve a mission one day. She doesn't
want to be baptized yet, but we are working with her.

Second miracle: we were leaving an appointment, and while walking down
the street, a 22 year old girl calls after us to wait. We turn back
and she asks us what she would need to do for us to teach her too.
Wait, like what??? This only happens in movies or general conference
talks. WE WERE STOKED. So, of course, now we are teaching her. She has
2 kids and isnt married, and when we prayed with her the first time,
she cried through the whole thing. She told us she feels so alone in
the world and she really wants to be taught the gospel. She
is awesome.

SO.. I really cant decide if drivers here are the worlds worst or best.
They are insane, absolutely unpredicatble and terrifying, but they are
SO good at what they do. They are so awful that they are actually
probably amazing. It's so weird- but man am i glad this is a walking

Shout out to my Dad: You've been trying to get me to like tomatoes my
whole life- to no avail. But guess what! No... I'm not there yet, but
it's coming! Cuz gosh-darn-it that's all they eat here!!! Haha - You´d be
proud. I actually eat them. :)

Funny story of the week! My companion and I were discussing plans on a
street corner when a young man and his father approach us with the
22-year-old boy asking, "You're Mormons, aren't you!? Of course, we at
this point are already pulling out planners, pen in hand, ready to get
an investigator out of this. (Haha don't get your hopes up with this
story- it's pure entertainment- no good news.) So | shake his hand, and
ask his name. He responds, and then says, "You are BEAUTIFUL." I didn't
actually know what to do, so i just starting talking to his dad - who
told us to come and teach them right at that moment. So we followed
them to their house and before we could start the lesson, the boy
asked me if I would marry him. No joke. He was being dead serious. He
asked 4-5 times that night. I told him, repeatedly that I AM A
MISSIONARY. And he said, of course, but you will come home eventually.
I said, Yes, but not for more than a year! And he said that it didn't
matter- that he would wait. Yep, my companion and I figured he isn't
altogether ´with it´ in the head... but it still makes for a funny
story all the same. 

So this is so short because I only have a 1/2 hour because we spent
way too much time at the beach. OH YEAH! We went to the beach and I
LOVED it - I may buy a house here. It is beautiful.
I will try to send pics- but these computers are SUPER slow.

Anways, have a wonderful week- can you believe it's July? Nuts! But I
heard a wicked-awesome quote this week that I'm sure was meant for
missionaries in particular - but neverthless applies to everyone. "Don't
count time. Make time count." That is my message this week! Also check
out Psalms 118:24. (i think that's it) It says, today is the gift we
have been given. Tomorrow isn't here yet, and yesterday is long gone.
But we have today- a gift that was carefully prepared for YOU. God
planned every hour of your day, it was designed for your benefit- your
learning and growth! So let's go out and make something of today, yeah?

Love you all! 

Brother and Sister Wilkinson: My prayers are with you. 

love you guys so much!

Tchau everybody! Have a wonderful week!!

Sister Seal

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