Monday, April 21, 2014

April is flying...

April 21
Hey everyone! Happy Easter! Happy Birthday Kasidy. 
It was a great week. Leandro was baptized. He is from Rio, which makes him SUUUUUUUPPPERRRRR cool. Always wanted to be carioca. Já era. Anyways, we found him tracting. (So thank you President for the request!)
This week was interviews with President and Sister Nogueira- it went very, very well. Sending mom some details ;)
April is flying, right? Can’t believe I will be talking to you guys in a few weeks! Stoked! Anyways, we are all doing well here, just loving Guarabira. 
2 funny stories. 1) Almost weekly, someone tells me I look like an actress from a Mexican soap opera. Hysterical. Don’t know what I think about that. 
2) I have a new investigator that is calling me her `nora` - daughter-in-law. O my goodness... Jacqueline #2.... if only she could be Jacqueline for real? I really miss her....; /
One thought I had today- inspired by my Katie and her thoughts on happiness.. I have been thinking a lot about happiness lately (thanks for the letters, Kate) and came across this quote: ``You know you sometimes think yourself into unhappiness and depression. But did you know, you could also think yourself into happiness? By positive thinking, you will be well, you will prosper, and your prayers will be answered. Become the master of your thoughts. Stop thinking about how tough life is. Stop thinking about the future and the past, think of God´s riches and love and express these thoughts daily. You will become what you think.`` Albert E Cliffe. 
Obviously this is much easier to hear and say than to do, isn’t it, so for those of you discouraged, President Uchtorf always seems to help, ``My dear brothers and sisters, don’t get discouraged if you stumble at times. Don’t feel downcast or despair if you don’t feel worthy to be a disciple of Christ at all times. The first step to walking…in righteousness is simply to try…We must try to believe. Try to learn of God, read the scriptures, study the words of His latter-day prophets; choose to listen to the father, and do the things he asks of us. Try and keep on trying until that which seems difficult becomes possible- and that which seems only possible becomes habit and a real part of you.``
You can do it!!! We can! Smile about that! Yesterday we celebrated the greatest act of all- what made it all possible!

So the pictures are better than the message this week. Sorry.... I am already out of time. But I love you so much! Have a great week. Michael, stop breaking so many hearts ;)

My delicious lunch after district meeting. 

My district

Our baptism- Leandro

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