Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Transfer news? Still in Guarabira...

Transfer news? I am still here with Sister Willette. What a blessing to stay in this area. One of my really good friends, Sister Augusta went home. That was super sad; she has helped me SO much these last 2 months. I will miss her. It’s strange watching a missionary ``die``. I don’t know how to explain it really. When you’re a missionary, when you've been out long enough, you get to the point where you forget your old life- it feels like a dream. It truly feels like you will never go home... Watching her leave was hard- most have blank expressions- like it doesn't sink it until long after you've reached the airport back home, and even then I’m sure the shock doesn't pass....
Since I hit my year mark, I have had many tell me to keep focused and keep working hard. I appreciate the encouragement, counsel, and support. And to make it clear- I’m more focused than ever. And even though I love you all more than life itself- it doesn't feel like I’m going home ANY time soon- or ever for that matter. Know that my mind is here...and even though you all have a very big piece of my heart there, my heart is here too. When bad things happen, you just learn quickly that the gospel is all you really have. That’s a lesson I am learning very well these days.
This was a good week- full of hard work and topped off with General Conference, as you know. I don’t have any inspiring stories... I only watched one session in English and the rest was Portuguese. So let’s just say I am very much looking forward to the Ensign (in English). But it was phenomenal, as always. The highlight for me was the last session. I can’t remember who taught the first vision/ restoration, but it was stellar. 2 speakers invited us to pray to know of the truth for ourselves. We had an investigator with us during that session and at the end she turned to me and asked, “Do you really believe I can pray and know for myself too?” The hope in her eyes nearly brought tears to mine as I replied, “I promise you that you can know, too...” She readily accepted baptism after that and now we are working with her with a date. The gospel changes people’s hearts. Our message is a message of change and hope and we couldn't have a better one to take to all nations. (or to all neighbors... hint hint)
Fun fact: I have bangs now- Sister Augusta cut my hair for me last night... and I love it- so even though, Mom, you always told me not to... you would like them, too. Ha, that was random- but só vai.
I really don’t have much else to say. Can’t believe its April. Super excited for Easter- to celebrate the greatest act of all history. And...I love being a missionary. I really do. I would be nothing without my mission. I see why God called me to serve now and am ever grateful that He did. 

I hope you all have a stellar week. I love you and pray for you always. Wish I had a quote for today... but I don’t. All I have is something I learned last week about prayer:

We don’t pray to change God´s final answer. We pray to finally reach the same conclusion for ourselves that He arrived at a long time ago.

He already knows what we need and when we pray- we find out how it is that He plans to give it to us and a lot of the time that means work on our part. It requires that we use the enabling power of the atonement. 


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