Wednesday, May 14, 2014

This week was NUTS!

Wow. Yep, thats where we are going to start today. This week was NUTS. First of all, it was SO GREAT to talk to you all on Mother´s day, and I hope it was fabulous for all you rockstar moms out there! Birthday shout out to my beautiful mom and my darling cousin Lauren! Growing up so fast, my friend. Thanks for driving down Kim, and of course I was SO thrilled to talk to my sweet grandparents. I have the cutest family...
So this week we had a wedding- it was an investigator and recent convert of our district leader. The sisters decorated the whole event and made cakes. It was really fun. Best part of the evening: the bouquet toss. I caught it! No... I am joking. BUT! My investigator, Carol, did! Which is hilarious, because we are working with her right now to get married this month or the next. AWESOME! She was so excited. I am definitely taking it as a sign. :)

Miracle of the week- Marinezio and Iranette. Maurinezio was a street contact 2 weeks ago. We were looking for a less-active and saw M working out front. I wasn’t even going to talk to him... he looked like the type that didnt want ``commitment to religion``... the type that will say they will go to church but will hide behind the couch when you show up at the door to take them Sunday morning (yes, I have seen a LOT of that... haha). Anyways, I dont remember what I said in that moment, but he did! On our way to church with him Sunday morning, he told me that since that day he hasnt smoked or gotten drunk. (uhhhh miracle). I asked him why and he said, ``Because you told me not to,`` he then told us the story of that morning. That only minutes before he found us that day, he had been talking to a neighbor that told him to quit smoking and join a church. He said within minutes I stopped him to invite him to ours and he took that as a sign that this is “his path”. It was AWESOME. Even cooler might be his sister.... that Saturday before church we showed to remind him what time we would be passing by. Maurinezio and his sister were there, so we taught the first vision on the spot and invited them to pray about our message. His sister said, `´Oh, I already know your church is true``... I asked how and she said she has ALREADY prayed about it and received her answer. And since that day has decided to stop smoking. MY MIND WAS BLOWN. It was a miracle. Anyways, she is going to church Sunday, too. To have someone pray before they are asked or invited was one of the coolest experiences of my mission so far. I still dont know if I believe it.

But...nonetheless I was transferred.  Thats right! I am as surprised as you are. But, I am in the same zone/stake. My new area is Mamanguape and I am with Sister Chaparro (my first hispanic companion- whoot!!!) I already love her and I am excited to work here! 
Other news... I was called to be a Sister Training Leader. Hope you know what that is? So I get to take care of all the sisters in my zone now! COOL, right? I am so blessed to have this opportunity and hope to fulfill my calling to the best of my ability. I am so excited for this transfer! Its going to be AWESOME!!!!! 

It was sad to let Guarabira go- it went by so fast, but I am so grateful for every lesson I learn here and know there is much to be learned in Mamanguape. I know for sure this is where I am supposed to be and I cant wait to figure out why! 
Anyways, thats about it. This week was stellar, hope yours was too. LOVE YOU ALL SO SO SO SO much! I have pics, but this computer isnt uploading them, so until next week I guess.


Sister M. Seal

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