Monday, August 5, 2013

Miracles Never Cease

Wow. Training is crazy. I mean, really, that right there is stress enough. But dividing an area and showing everyone around when I know next to.. let's see.. nothing about the country- ha! Now that's a trick. It's fun though- it keeps things interesting. And I LOVE Prossind. I really do. I´ve already decided I´m never going to be transferred. I also love my companion, Sister Bassi. Mom wanted to know which one she is from the photos- she is as pale as I am, about my height, real thin with dark curly hair. Hope that helps. 

Dividing the area meant losing a lot of our investigators. No worries, we found a bunch too! But the kids we were working with that are going to be baptized soon are now working with Sister Johnson and Sciammarella. That was ridiculously hard to let them go- but I know that is what the area needs right now. I´m learning how to compromise- its a new concept for me, but we are working with it. ;)

Eduardo. Remember him. The guy we baptized 2 weeks ago. Great story. We passed by his house Thursday to teach another lesson (because you teach them after their baptism too) and when we showed up, he told us a couple of his friends wanted to sit in on the lesson. Friends meaning a group of people that live on his street. And get this. Principalments: Jaqueline. So! We taught the Restoration. There were a lot of people there, it was really cool. But the best part was what Jaqueline said to us right before we taught the lesson. She said, `` We have all noticed a lot of changes in Eduardo since you guys started teaching him and since he has been going to your church. We want to know why.`` Power of example, gente. But.... as you´d expect (because this is Brazil) it gets better! We picked up Jaqueline as an investigator and taught her Friday and Saturday too. She told us that she, her 2 kids, and her dad wanted to come to church Sunday. Better. They ACTUALLY went. So we taught her last night too and she wants to be baptized next Sunday. We are working through some details/ specifics, and I am not sure it will actually happen Sunday, but it's her desire that is the miracle! 

Another thing she said this week was that a few years ago she received revelation that one day ``Her faith would one day be strengthened by people who came from afar``... Ou seja, she is completely determined that we, the missionaries, are it! Ha COOL. We just love her. She is so amazing! She says that the day she met me she automatically loved me as her daughter, that she felt like I was her child. She is suuuupppper sweet. I can hardly believe all that has happened with her these past 2 weeks.

Other miracle child: Rita. Wahoo! She was confirmed in sacrament meeting yesterday and one of the young women told me that she goes to seminary every day. Not only that, but she told everyone that her life has changed completely, and is continually improving ever since her decision to go to church and be baptized. ´ta vendo... miracles, gente. Just loving every minute of this- we are SO blessed in this area.

Oh. Almost forgot! Other miracle. We were walking down the street a few nights ago and I was trying to teach my companion that we talk to EVERYONE we see. So we passed by a man sitting on the road, smoking. She asked, ``Do we still contact people who are smoking`` um. Yes. Of course. So we introduced ourselves and found out that he actually was only traveling, and doesn't live in our area. But he asked if we could give him a pamphlet or any other material. So I showed him the Restoration pamphlet and taught the lesson there on the spot. He began to cry and said he knew that we were messengers from God, and that he needed someone... something. He said he knew God had sent us to talk with him. Amazing. Really. It's no joke- God really puts people in your path and directs you to them. The craziest part is that we were actually lost, looking for an address when we found him. Sister Almeida said, `` Missionaries are NEVER lost. They just sometimes don't know where they are.`` TRUE. I love that idea. I really believe we didn't waste any time trying to find that house- but that it was that man, specifically that God was leading us to. 

The Gospel really is the greatest blessing. I feel so blessed day after day, honestly every hour, to be here. I love seeing the gospel work in people´s lives to improve every aspect and lift every burden through the atonement of Jesus Christ. The Gospel is simple. The message is Jesus Christ, our Savior who provides a way to change. If you´re looking for change, look to Him. He changed me. And I am really kind of stubborn. So i KNOW He can change you. You just have to let Him.

I love you guys. Have a great week- thanks for all of the support and letters. Really, it's like Christmas everytime I go to the mission office :) :) Hahaha. No, but really. It's true. 


Sister Seal

P.S. Congratulations, Kate. Temple Wednesday! That is amazing. I am so happy for you. Of course you know how much I want to be there... and as hard as it is right now to not be with MY family, when they go to the temple, I know my job right now is to help people here in Brazil to one day take THEIR families to the temple. But I love you and I am so proud of you, Sis. 

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