Monday, August 26, 2013

This Week Flew - Thanks Stefani

Wow. This week FLEW. First things first. Mission conference- just what
I needed. It was unbelievable. Elder Costa é o cara!  We learned a lot
and I definitely left feeling a lot more motivated.

After the meeting, I got a huge stack of letters and a package from
Stefani. THANK YOU!!! Pretty sure the Elders hate me now... but thank
you! It totally made my week. I have the greatest family and friends
in the world.

Oooh. Guess what we had for lunch one day this week? Salmon. Not
kidding. Good night, I am spoiled. The only problem was that the
salmon definitely reminded me of Carrabba´s. Which definitely
reminded me of Katie. Bad idea. Sure do miss my best friend!

Yesterday Jaqueline, Beatriz, and Hercollys were confirmed. It was
great! I love that family. Also- Sister Bassi gave a talk in sacrament
meeting... which is super funny because I haven´t had to speak even
once yet. I don't know how I have managed to fly under the radar this
long- but no complaints. *Knock on wood* I guess Bishop wants to keep
the members in the ward- and asking me to speak sure isn't going to
help. Hahaha. Oh well.

Other family- C. and D. So great. We took the bishop to
their house last week because he wanted to meet them both. They both
really like the bishop and C. said, he would definitely go to
church Sunday. Guess what! He actually went! And he LIKED it. No
surprise there, of course, but all the same, WAHOOO! And in Gospel
Principles, he told the class that he has a lot of addictions- but
that since we have started teaching his family- he has been letting
those addictions go. Wow. We haven't even taught the commandments yet!
We haven't even asked him to start making changes, but he, on his own
has already recognized which changes he needs to make. How amazing is

D´s reaction was great too. She told us she has had a lot of
people from a lot of different religions come through her house
telling her which church to join but that she has never felt anything
as strong as she does when we (the missionaries) come. Legal. She
actually knows how to recognize the spirit. Great! We can work with

Anyways, we love this family. They are great. I love watching the
gospel change lives. Thats about it with our investigators right now.
We have a lot- but we can't seem to get them to come to church these
past two weeks- meaning they aren't progressing... yet! We have faith.
It has been good for me though. When things don't work out, it reminds
me to be even more grateful when they do. With all the success we have
been having, I´d been starting to wonder if things just always got
handed to you on a silver platter, here in Brazil. Haha. Missionary
work is still work. Yet, I do recognize just how blessed that work is
here in Joâo Pessoa. We are SO blessed. Lovin´ life. Lovin´ being a

Now of course, with such a great week, its only fair that I share
something inspiring with you. Lógico. So! Elder Holland´s talk, Teach
the Atonement. It is a good one.

``We don't really know very much about the premortal council in heaven.
But one of the things we do know is that the issue was agency and
obedience. We were free to choose. There was a great division over
this matter. 2/3 followed the Father, lining up behind the son in that
obedience, and 1/3 did not. The impediments there were the impediments
you know from scripture, call it what you will-- rebellion, arrogance,
hostility, or evil.

``The battle is still being waged. The arena has changed. What began
in heaven has moved to this earth, but tht fight is still on. It is
the most fundamental issue in our lives. Will we choose, with our
agency, to voluntarily, humbly, obediently, follow God the Eternal
Father and His son, Jesus Christ, or not? That is the issue of all
eternity. It was the issue before we ever came here, and it is the
issue now.

See D&C 130:20-21.
``Before the foundations of this world, laws were decreed in heaven by
which we get any blessing."

``As if we would not understand this, the Lord says, ``all blessing.``
I dont know how you can takl about a blessing that does not fall into
the ``all`` category. So whatever blessing you want in this life, you
will save yourself a lot of grief if you will understand now that the
promise is inte obedience and that the fulfillment is in the law that
was decreed. Do not fight that.``

Pretty interesting right? Elder Holland is ótimo. Really. Anyways,
that's about it... Hope you are all loving school and staying safe. You
are the greatest! Have a great day. I love you all!

Sister Seal

PS. The photos- we had a lot of fun with the moustaches that Stefani
sent us in the package i got Wednesday.

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