Tuesday, August 20, 2013

No More Cold Showers!

Good news minute: No more cold showers! Yes, for those of you who had no idea that up until last week, it was all but ice-baths here in
Brazil, be impressed. But no worries, we now have a working water
heater. Yes. It's electric.

Saturday Hercollys and Beatriz (Jaqueline´s kids) were baptized.
WAHOOOO! I love that family so much. *see pics

Speaking of miracle families... last Sunday we were out proselyting
and I saw a man sitting on a motorcycle- almost invisible with all of
the trees. But I told my companion: We are going to contact him. Long
story short, we did and he invited us to come to his house the next
day (Mon.) So we taught their family (wife and 3 girls) and they
invited us to come again- the next day! Wait, what? This process
repeated itself every day last week. You get the point. Crazy.
Teaching the restoration was cool because C. mentioned having gone
to a lot of different churches, all of which never really satisfying
them. Boy have they found what they have been searching for! But even
better was the Plan of Salvation. D. (his wife) said she had
always had these questions (where did we come from, why are we here,
and where are we going) but had never found answers, until that
lesson. Yep. Família eleita. I will keep you updated.

Ok. Questions. The language? It's coming. The accent? No. De jeito
nenhum. At first glance, everyone here thinks I am from the South
(Katie´s mission, holla!)... until I start talking. Then everyone
thinks I´m Italian. And naturally, Spanish. But heres the funny one:
Papa and Grandpa Craig are going to appreciate this! I even from time
to time have people tell me I have a German accent. That one I don't
get, given I don't speak a LICK of German. But it's funny all the same.
As you can see- I've got work to do, eh? But there is progress. And
that's all that matters.

Companheira? I LOVE her. She is the greatest blessing- I couldn't be
luckier. We get along so well and she is an amazing teacher. She
prepared very well for her mission. I am learning a lot from her and
very selfishly hope they never take her away from me. This may or many
not be included in my nightly prayers. I wont say. Ha! No, I´m joking.
Or am I?

We have mission conference Wednesday. A member fromt the Quorum of the 70 is coming. I don't actually know who yet, but we are stoked. Should be great!

Other than that, yep. This is going to be short. It was a good week,
but not a lot of news... We are so blessed here in Prossind. Wonderful
ward, wonderful investigators, wonderful food, wonderful companion. I
just wish this transfer wouldnt end, and unfortunately it is flying.
:/ Oh well. Já era.

I LOVE you guys. Hope you all have a wonderful week at school! Crazy.
I can't believe it... as I'm sure most of you don't want to believe it.
Hahaha live it up- someday you will miss high school. That moment may
come and go VERY quickly- nearly in the same instant, but it will
come. Haha. Tchau.

Sister Seal

Oh P.S. Just because I think you will hear about it eventually, I am
going to tell you. With one condition: No one is allowed to freak out.
Yes, an Elder in my zone was run over by a car last week. I don't know
anything else about his situation. We are praying for him, of course.
And no. This does not mean I am going to be hit too, mom. My companion
is from São Paulo- one of the busiest cities in the world. She is
extremely cautious and is keeping the both of us safe.

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