Monday, November 4, 2013


So... I have heard about the 7 plagues. But, I mean, come on, can't 7 be the limit?? Hahahaha the number of surprises in our apartment has far exceeded any of our expectations, I am sure. We have had Cats and Cockroaches. Flies and frogs. Worms and wasps. Oh, and of course, a never-ending supply of lizards, grasshoppers, spiders, ants, and mosquitoes. Keeps us on our toes. Fun right? It's like, why not just live outdoors? To avoid the rain? Ha wrong again. Our apartment floods anyway. Hahahaha we love it. We really do. It keeps things interesting. But... unfortunately, still no monkeys, Kim. Sorry. :)
My companion and I have made a lot of ``New Transfer Resolutions``.... one of them being: We never talk in English anymore... which means we are going to forget it by Christmas, I am sure. So I thought it would be good if I started teaching you some phrases/ words so you are completely lost the next time I call/ skype home. Verb of the week: Abrasileirar. Brilliant! It means to brazilianize. I LOVE IT! Thats what we are doing here- being ´´brazilianized´´. haha that verb really isnt going to help you much but i´ll think of a better one next week.
Changes: Our district changed. Our new District leader is Elder Terranova. He is from Highland, UT. Cool, right? No, I didnt know him before the mission. And, the new Sister in our apartment is Sister De Paula from Recife. YES! Brazilian. It is helping bastante with our Portuguese. Gente boa. She is really great.
Other blessings this week: We had a cool activity at the church last week and Jaqueline brought a handful of friends, all of whom we are now teaching! Jaqueline single-handedly got us all of our new investigators this week. Can you believe it? 12 references in ONE week. She is a rockstar. And, our other rockstar, Eduardo passed the sacrament yesterday! That was like THE COOLEST THING EVER to watch. It is so cool to watch this ward grow. For example, of the 4 men that helped with the sacrament, 2 are recent converts and 2 are recently- activated members. What a blessing. My ward is just SO great.
Além disso.... really nothing huge happened. Still so grateful to be a missionary and grateful to learn how much I STILL have to learn.
Happy Halloween this week- I expect pictures, of course. And heck- 1/3 of Skylars candy would be great too. She´s the cutest so shes definitely going to get the most. Haha
And to my best friend in the whole world, Katie. Wow. It flew, didn't it? I am so proud of you. Good luck with all the last minute details. I cant believe you check in to the MTC Wednesday. You will love it. The MTC is one of the most amazing places on earth. There is no greater blessing or opportunity that we have right now than to be missionaries. So go all out and make the most of it. 

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