Monday, November 11, 2013

Lift Where We Stand

We had a baptism! Wahoooooooooo! Her name is Venis. She was a reference (one of MANY) from Jaqueline. It was the most beautiful baptism ever! The spirit was really strong. Spiritual RECHARGE. Anyways, this girl is so cool, she goes to seminary every day, she loves reading the book of mormon and she answers the interview questions as if she grew up in the church. Its really great. We are working a lot with teenagers right now- and they all love seminary. Logically! Seminary is LEGAL! The hard part is that all of these teens want to be baptized, but their parents arent allowing it... it nearly breaks my heart. But, we are praying hard and I know that God is in control. We do what we can and Heavenly Father always makes up the difference- because He is the difference. He is everything and He wants these kids to be baptized even more than I do.
We had a cool activity at the church Thursday. It was a ``Tree of Life`` activity, with the iron rod, based on Lehi´s vision. It was awesome! Everyone loved it! That is what the crazy pictures of everyone with blindfolds is. And the group picture too.
8 investigators in church again. This area is rocking! Now we just gotta get them all baptized right? Yeah... like I said, come on parents!!! Ha. One really cool thing was Gilvana. She is 9 and she came to church with us for the first time yesterday. Gilvana told my companion, during the meeting, ``I am going to participate in this church. I want to be baptized.`` SO cool. Her older sister is already a member, so this may just work, folks! Her parents always work sundays, so they cant come to chruch... but I think they will still let Gilvana be baptized. *Crossing fingers*.
Thursday we had zone conference, which is always great. And Saturday we had training from the assistants, which was also great. They talked about how we baptize 200 people per month, but that this isnt good enough anymore because another mission in Brazil baptizes 1000/ month. WOW! I am so happy to hear that missions in whatever part of the world are having so much success and doing so much to push this work forward. And yes, its true- our mission is capable of thousands. We have a God of miracles- anything is possible. This is true for any aspect of our lives. And tomorrow we have district meeting again. YES! I love all the training we get, because we NEED it. We have cool leaders- I just have the coolest mission in general. Que orgulho! :)
Yep, wonderful week. Actually, this month is just wonderful. And this transfer. And this area, this ward, this mission. I feel so blessed to be here in Prossind, and to be here serving in JP. There is no one else I´d rather be than a representative of my Savior.
I love you guys! I really dont think there is anyone in the world more blessed than I. I have an amazing family- one that means more to mean that life itself. I have wonderful friends and some of the greatest examples the world has to offer. And I am a missionary of the true church of our Lord and Savior. YOU, too, are a member of that church. That should make you smile. Think about that today, and then, lets all go out an do something about it, shall we? The thought comes to mind that we all just need to lift where we stand. Every member has work to do to bring HIS work forward. Urgency is key because HE is coming. So where ever you are in the world today- lift where you stand. Make someone smile. Make someone feel God´s love through YOURS.
Love, Sister M. Seal

May the heavens pour out blessings on all those in the Philippines.

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