Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Another Great Week!

Do you all realize how many weeks until Christmas? WAHOOOOOOOOOO. No. You cant even tell its the holiday season here. It was like Christmas in Mexico. Total deception. Halloween doesnt exist. Thanksgiving doesnt exist. SNOW doesnt exist. But... dont you worry. I saw lights in the windows of my neighbor´s apartment yesterday. We took pictures- lots, and put of lights of our own. (Thank you Elders who left them behind). So legit! Ok. Trunky moment over now.
Amazing, wonderful, fabulous week. Really. We had 9 investigators in church- which is a blessing in itself. And if all goes right- a few of those people should be baptized next Sunday. Our teaching group is just amazing. We are teaching a lot of teenagers, and their families too where possible. The best part is that they all went to seminary every day last week. SO cool! Even better, almost everyone we are teaching right now is a reference from my best friend, Jaqueline. She is so cool. She single-handedly brought 6 of those people to church sunday and she bore her testimony in sacrament meeting. She spends a good deal of her time calling friends and inviting them to church. She may or may not be one of the coolest members I know. Recent-converts are so cool. 

Saturday we started an English class at the church. It went pretty well. Our ward-mission leader was actually the one who taught it. He is brazilian but he speaks really well. I think Next saturday we will teach though. Its pretty cool, and when investigators come, ainda mais legal! 

Portuguese is coming a long SO much better these days. My companion and I never speak english- only in the english class on saturdays :) And I am finally having people telling me I prounounce things well. YES. Its about time. Ha. But... I still have a long way to go. I think reading the book of mormon out loud is definitely helping- so if any of you are trying to learn a langauge, put President Hinckley´s challenge to the test- dont take my word for it. The prophet said it first!

Probably the best news of the week: Cleonice was finally confirmed (she was traveling in Brasília for the past few weeks). It was great! We also had a baby blessing in the ward yesterday. Pretty much my favorite sacrament meeting so far. Fast Sundays are always cool arent they? Other blessing? Eliane finally quit smoking. That was a huge battle, and we are really proud of her. She is also in the book of Alma- I love how seriously she takes the Book of Mormon. 

Just a wonderful week. Which reminds me of the phrase I need to teach yaáll. QUE BÊNÇÃO. It means, what a blessing, and it is definitely a phrase I use regularly- as should we all, because we are just SO blessed. 

This Wednesday is Zone Training. YES! I love meetings. Weird, I know. But... it also means: Letters!! That will be great to hear from you all. 
Adventure of the week? Yes, still with our apartment. The bathroom. The shower drain is rediculously clogged up and our floor has been flooded for about....48 hours now. Haha poor Sister Nogueira (mission presidents wife). She is pretty worried about us. So I think someone will be there later today to help us out. Ha. 

Well, other than that, this week was great. Every single day was wonderful. Thank you for your prayers and support and know that I am praying for you too. I love you guys. Have a great week. 


Sister M. Seal

P.S. How was Halloween?

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