Monday, November 18, 2013

Bat Encounter

So. Dont kill me but I used all of my time writing to Katie, Mom, and President Nogueira and now I have like 5 minutes to type up this week. (NOTE TO MOM: NO this does NOT mean I want you to write me less next week- your email should still be long. Please. :) )
Venis was confirmed yesterday- it was great! 

We should have a baptism this coming weekend.... at least one.

Crazy thing that happened: we were teaching on the street last night and a BAT flew past me- hitting my ear on its way by- probably one of the scariest things that has ever happened to me since I have never even seen a bat to begin with!!!

Haha we also made a Cigarrette Tea. Chá de cigarro. Its supposed to help people quit smoking. I think it helped one of our investigators a lot! He threw up. Gross- but is smoking less now. Maybe he needs to drink it again? Ughhh... how do people smoke? Just the smell of that tea made me sick. But it was one of the funniest experiences Ive had on the mission so far. I cant believe he drank it! And his wife was laughing the whole time. Poor girl, she just wants him to quit so bad. 

OH! We had a sisters meeting Friday and it was amazing! So great to see all the sisters- Sister Bassi, Sciammarella, Morgan (companion from the MTC), Woodland, and Johnson especially. That was cool. 

Tomorrow I have to give the training at our district meeting. NERVOUS. But, it will be fine, I hope. *crossing fingers*. 


Have a great week. Love you guys.  Be safe. 
Sorry I am so lame- but I sent pictures, so dont be too upset.

Sister M. Seal

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